Photo Gallery

Rain, rain. Go away!

Mother nature has been dumping rain on northern IL a lot this Spring. This unfortunate homeowner woke up to his crawlspace and lower level soaking wet. We needed to remove all the carpet as well as insulation, then spray for mold after it was dry.

Large Storms and sump pump failure

The weather in northern IL has been crazy this Spring! Storms have caused a large influx of water to many areas. This homeowner's sump pump couldn't handle the extra water and failed, causing back up in their lower level.

Damage after nearby explosion

Another building in the area had an explosion and the aftershock caused damage to this office. The whole building shook, pieces of ceiling and light fixtures fell. We were called to do a general clean up.

Toilet leak water damage

After it was discovered that the plumbing for an upstairs toilet was leaking, we were called to clean up and dry out this home. The first floor ceiling was affected the worst and I large section needed to be removed.

Finding out you have a mold problem

A homeowner in Lake Zurich noticed what appeared to be water damage marks the a ceiling in a bedroom. We were called to do an inspection and found that there was mold in the attic due to previous water damage in the home.

Bio Hazard Clean Up

We were called to the Lake Co Sheriff's office to clean up their interview room. Unfortunately some bodily fluids came in contact with the carpet and needed to be cleaned before they could safely use the room again.

Leaky roof caused water damage

Sometimes you don't know there is damage to your roof until it's too late. This homeowner had a leaky roof and had no idea until water damage started to appear in her kitchen ceiling area. We put a tarp up until the amount of damage could be assessed. 

Smoke damage from fireplace

This fireplace was used without opening the damper. It caused extensive smoke damage through the condo unit. Luckily it was vacant at the time so there were no contents to worry about. Structure, duct and carpet cleaning will be needed for this job.

Polar Vortex caused pipe in kitchen to burst

Another victim of the polar Vortex, this homeowner had a pipe burst under their sink. It caused extensive damage to floors walls and cabinets. We were able to dry and clean everything for them as well as replace anything that couldn't be cleaned.

Condo Pipe Burst

A second floor unit had a pipe freeze and burst during the Polar Vortex. It damaged that unit as well as the first floor unit below then made its way to the basement of the building. We removed all the damaged walls and insulation and dried out both units.

Pipe burst in basement ceiling

During the Polar Vortex, this homeowner unfortunately experienced a burst pipe in their basement ceiling. It leaked into the workout area and damaged the floor and walls as well. We were able to dry everything out and replace everything that was damaged.

Storm Damage to Home

We were called to help another franchise location in North Carolina after hurricanes swept through the area. This homeowner unfortunately had damage to their roof with the entire attic and crawlspace affected as well. We helped clean up and dry out the property.   

Church basement water loss

After a pipe burst in the lower level ceiling of Trinity Church in Waukegan, our crew was there to dry out and clean up the water and damage left behind.

Shopping Center water loss

Multiple units in a shopping center in Gurnee had water damage due to a burst pipe in the building. We were able to clean up the water and mess to make sure the business owners could open again.

Northern IL Food Bank March 2019

A few members for our crew were happy to donate their time again to the Northern IL Food Bank. We had a great group and were able to package enough food for over 10,000 meals!

Leaky pipe in Salon in Libertyville

A Salon in Libertyville had a leaky pipe. We stepped in to dry out everything and clean up the water that had spread throughout. Afterward the Salon was back to "Like it never even happened."

Sump Pump back up

A sump pump back up caused water damage in the basement of this Lake Forest home. We were able to clean up the water quickly, and make the homeowner happy.

Burst Pipe in second floor

The master bedroom of this Libertyville home sits over the garage. When a pipe burst in the master bath, the water damaged the whole side of the garage wall as well as the ceiling. It all had to be removed and dried out.

Flood in Finished Basement

This Libertyville home unfortunately had a flood in the finished basement. Their was an office, family room and bedroom that were affected. We were able to dry out the carpet and get it back to normal. 

Water Damage and Mold from Gutter

This Lake Bluff homeowner was referred to us after a gutter on the home was sending water inside through the wall. He noticed mold forming and we stepped in to clean and fix the issue.

Large Commercial Loss in WI

The Polar Vortex caused the Children's Hospital of WI to experience a large scale water loss. We were happy to assist another SERVPRO in the cleanup and mitigation of this.

Production Crew

Our hardworking production crew is here to make sure every job is handled quickly and efficiently. Their training and knowledge is always growing and increasing. They are ready whenever disaster strikes.

Cleaning Fire Damaged Contents

Smoke and soot damage after a fire cleanup on detailed sentimental items is when our ultrasonic cleaning system shines. This ornate set came from an electrical fire in Waukegan, IL and our ultrasonic cleaning technician was able to clean and polish this personal belonging making it look brand new again!

Crew Photo

This photo was taken after our team meeting and includes in the top Row- Josh, Robert, Tom, Ralph, and Cody. The bottom Row includes Victor, Brad, and Ryan. Our technicians have all completed SERVPRO's ECTP training. This means that they have all gone through training, completed exams, and received their certifications in crew, water restoration, fire restoration, and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Flooding from a Sprinkler Head

A sprinkler head caused flooding in a Lake Bluff Home. SERVPRO® of Gurnee and SERVPRO® of Libertyville/ N. Chicago City/ Lake Bluff used our Injectidry drying system which can remove hidden moisture from high risk areas such as specialty flooring.

Soot on Carpet

That is not a shadow! This is an image of a carpet cleaning job that we completed in a Beach Park home. The home experienced extensive soot damage after a fire. Instead of replacing the carpet, our technicians were able to clean the carpets.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke from a fire travels everywhere. This photo shows the soot that has made it behind the drywall in a North Chicago home. Our IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians removed the dry wall to clean behind the walls with a soda blast technique.

Northern IL Food Bank

A portion of SERVPRO of Gurnee and SERVPRO of Libertyville/ North Chicago City/ Lake Bluff team had an opportunity to give back by volunteering time to Northern IL Food Bank in Park City.

Living Room Reconstruction in Vernon Hills

This Vernon Hills home experienced fire damage. After cleaning up after the fire, SERVPRO of Gurnee & SERVPRO of Libertyville/ N. Chicago City/ Lake Bluff did the reconstruction portion of this living room. 

Kitchen Reconstruction in Vernon Hills

After experiencing a fire, this Vernon Hills resident called SERVPRO of Gurnee & SERVPRO of Libertyville/ N. Chicago City/ Lake Bluff to help clean up the damage. Afterwards we were asked if we could do the reconstruction of their kitchen. Here is an after photo of the work that was completed.